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Elite Promotions

This is a promoter for martial arts galas. Having my own Label said “FightNight”, for which I got the branding. In addition, I also took care of the branding of “Elite Promotions” myself. Besides their own concept I also did the branding for a “FightLeague” gala and an “Enfusion MMA” gala. 

Love for the sport

I love martial arts, I myself can be found several times a week in the gym, it’s like a family.
The chance I got to make these promotional materials is really a dream. Working with photographers, fighters and everything around it has been a super fun job to do. Especially if you get to work with big names like Ilias Bulaid who is coming out for Bellator MMA nowadays.

Poster Designs

Facebook Campaign

The biggest promotion around these events was done on facebook. Standard 2 facebook channels were available. First of all the page itself of course, and next to that the Facebook event page. To get an even bigger reach, all fighters of this event received promotion images.
These consisted headers, facebook profile pictures and pictures where the matchmaking was on.Because of this we made smart use of the entire network around this event. Because of this we achieved a maximum reach with a low budget.


Logo Design

Brand Identity

For the branding of Elite promotions I had the chance to really start with a blank sheet. Which is super cool, but also immediately the hardest thing there is. Elite Promotions is only recognizable by a logo and there is nothing to hide behind. Soon I came to the idea of a logo which had to be recognizable quickly and at the same time show the name. Logos like this often only appear subtly in posters and other material.
I think that’s why this is one of my favorite logos.

For FightNight it was of course a different story. Here we’re talking about a branding of an event that needs to be recognizable. On the other hand, the assignment was also to create a logo that didn’t depend on 1 color scheme. The posters of for example follow-up events should be clearly different from the event that took place before.

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