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Mansystems Smart Digital Factory

Mendix World Expo

During the biggest Lowcode trade show on the market (Mendix world) we had developed a concept with Mansystems called "smart digital factory". For this concept I did the styling, branding and concepting. This consisted of a separate corporate identity, video animations, eBooks, stickers, flyers and a booth. For the last one I modified a claw machine.

Video explanation

Free eBook

The landing page of each tool shows of course what the tool can do and where it can make a difference for you. Besides that you can also download eBooks. eBooks are a perfect way to get a lead. In an eBook you can go a little deeper into the subject matter. Of course there is a lead in return. To offer this tooling set I made several eBooks. Bundled tooling guides, mini books and of course the eBooks per tooling itself. Here is an example.  

Downloadable PDF eBook

The prettiest booth

The biggest attraction on the stand was of course the vending machine.To make our colleagues useful they were all equipped with coins to play. this gave them a conversation starter to invite everyone to our stand. This led to 600 new useful leads. Here you can see a video of the fair, this video we sent the next day to all the visitors we scanned. The email showed a recap of the whole show, so we were sooner with an overview than the organisation itself.  

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