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Mansystems Tooling Suite

The whole package

Mansystems offered a whole set of different tools that helped you develop the best Mendix application. To give this a more professional twist, we’ve put the logos all in the same design but still kept their own identity.

Landing Pages Designs


This is an example of a way to get leads, Signing up for an eBook or toolguide. We have also offered demos to help with issues of potential customers.

Helping your customer with their questions is a great way to get leads. You both benefit from it and that gives a much better starting point in a relationship than if it were one-sided.


Downloadable PDF eBook

Zoom to HubSpot

To help customers I also helped setting up webinars on a regular basis, I used “zoom”.

Zoom has an integration with Hubspot but it is still very basic. By signing up for the webinar you entered an automated email workflow. Because of this you got for example the link to the webinar, reminders and the link to watch the video again.

Hubspot is a great tool to help and serve your customer.
Getting into a live conversation with them is always the best way.


Webinar Example

Logo Design

Custom Illustrations

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