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What if you want to support a good cause and to motivate your colleagues and take them with you in your success? To get the highest result as possible together for the cause.

Manage all initiatives

I love martial arts, I myself can be found several times a week in the gym, it’s like a family.
The chance I got to make these promotional materials is really a dream. Working with photographers, fighters and everything around it has been a super fun job to do. Especially if you get to work with big names like Ilias Bulaid who is coming out for Bellator MMA nowadays.

Earn your badge

In this app you can set up an initiative to raise money for a good cause. This can be done by setting up a challenge where you can invite your friends and colleagues to participate. Share this directly on Social and collect as much support as possible. By using a game approach where the challenges are rewarded with badges etc, the user remains motivated to continue using the app.


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