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Skull Een Zeven Twee

This is really an example of how an idea can get completely out of hand. Together with a friend I came up with a game that was meant to get people out from behind facebook. and if it succeeded?

Maximum Facebook

This is a game I came up with the idea of combining online and offline. In order to grow the support base, I managed to turn every user into an ambassador and promoter of the game. By involving their network the page was able to grow rapidly.
I like to explain this concept 1 on 1 because it was quite a complicated project. Most importantly, it was a huge success.

Video feed

Facebook Only

Everything around this game took place on facebook. To create a support base I posted pictures weeks before it started which I thought would appeal to the target group. These were images that were easy to share, but remained suggestive about what was about to happen.
After that, everything went by itself. The most important content was the content provided by the users. As a result, we also had reach within the player’s network. So we started with 250 players. If they each had 100 followers, you were soon much higher in your range. At the height there were 1800 players within Alphen. Local radio stations talked about hordes of people who were mobilized. All newspapers wrote about it (full page) and on the busiest day there were 800 movements of the skulls.

The slogan “Game On” has become a term among the players.


Clay Skullptures

Logo Design

Brand Identity

Actually, this project went a little further than designing a logo. This because of course the name had to be made up as well. Skull172 refers to 0172 which is the netcode of Alphen aan den Rijn. The skull of course refers to the clay models that were deactivated. To appeal to the right target group I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. The skull icon was later used as a separate icon when the name was more obvious. Also “Fans” went completely crazy with these logos. There were posters going around, stickers were stuck and this concept almost changed into a movement.

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