Burning love

"Burning Love" blazes with the intensity of profound friendship, captured in strokes of vibrant oil. The canvas comes alive as my dear  friend, Laura, takes center stage, clutching the iconic vinyl "Burning Love" like a key to a hidden world. Her attire, an ode to both tradition and rebellion, tells a story of a soul ready to party at life's grand rave. The classic Australian suit paired with a daring polo reflects her fusion of old-school charm and contemporary flair.

But this painting is more than a mere depiction; it's a prophecy etched in art. The pre-party vibe hints at an impending crescendo, a life-altering event on the horizon. And then, as if scripted by fate, Laura and my friend Hugo step into the limelight, announcing their wedding. The title "Burning Love" ignites into a full-blown inferno of meaning, engulfing the canvas with the passionate tale of two hearts united.

As a witness to this fiery bond, my role gains immortal significance, just like the strokes of the brush that gave birth to this masterpiece. "Burning Love" isn't just pigment on canvas; it's a testament to the eternal dance of friendship, love, and the unforeseen twists that turn life into art.


About this painting

- Oil paint
- Cotton canvas
- 80 x 100
- Comes without a frame

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