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My Journey

Born with a pencil in my hand in 1980. And from there everything went by itself. After the graphic school in Leiden I went to the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Read about my entire career here.




  • Brand Identity
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Motion Graphics


These are the tools and software

I can't live without

Tanja Van der Krabben

Tanja Van der Krabben

Director SMART Digital Factory Tooling

Stefan is een van de meest briljante designers die ik ken. Geef Stefan de ruimte en zijn creativiteit en gedrevenheid kent geen grenzen. Zowel UX, UI als ideeën voor branding of de gaafste ideeën voor evenementen, het maakt eigenlijk niet uit. Niet minder belangrijk is zijn bijdrage in het team. Hij zorgt voor binding, staat voor iedereen klaar en maakt van elke dag een feestje!

Chantelle van den Houten

Chantelle van den Houten

UX/UI Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Stefan for three years at Mansystems, as design colleagues. Stefan has a very creative mind. He thinks about things that the rest of us overlook. As a result, he has led the marketing and branding team to discover deeper insights that led to successful projects. Stefan is an identity branding champion. His design work is complemented by his creative insight, his enthusiasm, and design skills. Stefan would be an asset to any company.

Danny Korf

Danny Korf

User Experience Designer

Stefan is probably one of the most creative mind I had pleasure meeting and working with. During work he's a creative whirlwind with ideas, sketches and designs. Gives new perspective to a briefing/project and making the best of the project in a way u won't expect. Truly a good colleague to work with, never a dull moment but a hard worker when it's needed.

Robert Huisintveld

Robert Huisintveld

Delivery Manager and Team Lead

I have been able to work with Stefan during various projects and pre-sales processes. Stefan is super creative and knows better than anyone how to be innovative and still retain the identity of an organization. His UX / UI elaborations, videos, event initiatives have been of great value. Stefan knows how to add the WOW factor to every initiative!

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