Only if I had one more

"Only If I Had One More" is a vibrant oil painting that immerses you in the world of Gabber culture. In the heart of a nightclub, a Gabber enthusiast in a colorful tracksuit dominates the dance floor, bathed in the neon glow of blue and pink lights. The painting captures the energy and unity of Gabber culture, where music and dance offer a sense of belonging and escape.

The artist's brushwork creates a captivating atmosphere, emphasizing light and shadow. The Gabber's confident stance reflects the spirit of the Gabber community.

The blue and pink lights symbolize the heart of Gabber culture, where music and dance are central. "Only If I Had One More" celebrates Gabber's unique style, music, and sense of identity, inviting viewers into the club's world.

This painting invites you to experience the pulsating beats and the beauty of light and color, taking you into the heart of Gabber.


About this painting

- Oil paint
- Cotton Canvas
- 80 x 120
- No frame

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