The dreamer

Dive into the world of "The Dreamer," a captivating oil painting that intertwines style and emotion with masterful strokes. A pair of hands delicately cradle the revered Air Max BW shoe, its teal hues an emblem of authenticity and bold expression. Against this backdrop, an Australian classic jacket peeks through, shrouded in enigma and storytelling.

In this artistic tapestry, past and present coalesce, paying homage to the eternal allure of iconic fashion. Yet, it's more than aesthetics; it's a testament to the devoted souls who keep subculture alive. "The Dreamer" beckons us to contemplate the intricate threads that weave our identities, the cultural symbols we embrace, and the aspirations that bind us all.


About this painting

- Oil paint
- Cotton canvas
- 50 x 60
- Comes with a custom frame

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