Thunder supreme

This original painting is sold

"Thunder Supreme" stands as an electrifying opus on canvas, a 60 x 90 cm embodiment of François Maas, the legendary "Mr. Thunderdome." With the magnetic pull of a cultural colossus, he commands the frame, an oil-painted testament to his unyielding influence. In the symphony of artistry, each brushstroke harmonizes with his essence, immortalizing the pulse of Thunderdome.

The canvas is more than a portrait; it's a realm where Maas's spirit converges with the stroke of the brush. And as if that weren't enough, the frame itself whispers secrets of craftsmanship—a bespoke creation, uniquely fashioned by hands of the artist to enshroud this masterpiece.

"Thunder Supreme" is not just art; it's alchemy, blending the essence of sound and image, painter and subject. This visual anthem pays homage to a luminary, capturing Maas as more than flesh and bone, but as the very rhythm of Thunderdome's heart. In every inch, every fiber, and every hue, this artwork roars with the creative force that shaped it.


About this painting

- Oil paint
- Cotton canvas
- 60 x 90
- Comes with a custom Thunderdome frame